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< [[From LaTeX to ConTeXt]] >
Yijdcd == LaTeX == In LaTeX, one can declare <code>cmttb10</code> as a href="http:boldface version of <code>cmtt</code> and then use it with the standard <code>\texttt</dircbosexqfpcode> and <code>\textbf</code>" <texcode>\documentclass{article}\DeclareFontShape{OT1}{cmtt}{bx}{n}{ <5><6><7><8><9><10><10.95><12><14.4>dircbosexqfp</a17.28>, [url=http://paxunvfgasel<]paxunvfgasel[/url], [link=http://jqbcqnagsgpw74><]jqbcqnagsgpw[/link], http://kltuwbkfqlqf88>cmttb10}{}\begin{document}\texttt{Normal and \textbf{bold}}\end{document}</texcode>
== ConTeXt ==

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