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: ''This article is about words that are spelled with a hyphen. For hyphenated words, see [[Hyphenation]].
Words consisting of two separate words are often separated by an intra word dash, as in x-axis.
This dash can be placed between two | characters, for example |-|.
that would come from that.
<contextmode=mkiv source=yes>
\def\ShowComposed #1% {\handletokenstype{#1\with\type\VL} -- #1\VL-- \hyphenatedword{#1}}\starttable[|l|l|l|]\setuppapersize[A5]\HL\VL \bf input \VL \bf normal \VL \bf hyphenated \VL\SR\HL\VL \ShowComposed intra||word \VL\FR\VL \ShowComposed intra|-|word \VL\MR\VL \ShowComposed intra|(|word) \VL\MR\VL \ShowComposed (intra|)|word \VL\MR\VL \ShowComposed intra|--|word \VL\MR\VL \ShowComposed intra|~|word \VL\LR\VL \ShowComposed intra|_|word \VL\LR\VL \ShowComposed intra|=|word \VL\LR\VL \ShowComposed intra|'|word \VL\LR\VL \ShowComposed intra|*|word \VL\LR\HL\stoptable</context>
== Indicating hyphenation patterns manually / optional hyphens ==\starttext
If you have a few foreign words in your text, or simply a few unusual ones, they may hyphenate incorrectly but not be worth invoking a different \hyphenation{{cmd|language}intraword} for. You can define ad-hoc \hyphenation patterns with the command {{cmd|hyphenation}intra}:
<texcode>{\bf input -- normal output -- hyphenated output}\ShowComposed{intraword} \crlf\hyphenationShowComposed{hääintra-yö-aieword} \crlf</texcode>\ShowComposed{intra||word} \crlf\ShowComposed{intra|-|word} \crlfIf you just need to fix a single \ShowComposed{intra|(|word, you can add an optional hyphen )} \crlf\ShowComposed{(hyphenation hintintra|) with the escaped hyphen '|word} \crlf\ShowComposed{intra|--|word} \crlf\ShowComposed{cmdintra|-~|word} \crlf\ShowComposed{intra|_|word} \crlf\ShowComposed{intra|=|word} \crlf\ShowComposed{intra|': <code>kai|word} \crlf\-vosShowComposed{intra|*|word} \-aukcrlf\-kostoptext</codecontext>.
== Enabling hyphenation on hyphens for composed words globally ==

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