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The errata are listed in blocks in chronological order according to the date added, and in page order within those blocks. (Please maintain this order when adding additional errata!)
===Errata, 2005/09/01 to 2005/12/31===
* <b>p. 77:</b> It currently says that textseparator goes between the section number and page number, and numberseparator goes between the page number and footer text. The converse is true.
* <b>p. 242:</b> The <code>\startcombination ... \stopcombination</code> block in the example needs to be enclosed in braces, as <code>{\startcombination ... \stopcombination}</code>.
=== Fixed in the new reference manual ===
* <b>p. 3:</b> In the last paragraph of the preface, "accustemed" should be "accustomed".

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