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'''Layers''' are ConTeXt's mechanism for absolute positioning of elements and other advanced techniques like switching elements on and off.
There's There’s still no manual about them.
==My first Layer==
This command makes the contents of the layer appear only once after the background is activated. If you want to repeat the contents of the layer on each page, use the option <code>repeat=yes</code> in the {{cmd|definelayer}} command. Then the contents of the layer will be shown on every page. You can add to these contents by a new {{cmd|setlayer}}[mybg] command. To clear the accumulated contents use {{cmd|resetlayer}}>[mybg]. To make the layer appear on each page, so that it can be populated with different content, set the option <code>state=repeat</code> in {{cmd|setupbackgrounds}}.
Now you can test the whole thing:
| | |
| | |
==== Example: to make this clear ====
Specifications '<code>corner={top,right},location={bottom,right}' </code> will place content in the area L (outside the original layer).
Think about the 'corner' c as a magnetic grid point, where the content snaps to.
The 'location' defines, from which direction we approach the point c.
* L = location (area)
o---o---o | | | |
| | | L |
| | |
==== Example: placing a logo to the top right corner of the page ====
<context source=yes text="Givesgives:">


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