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=== Introduction ===
Wolfgang Schuster wrote a third–party module named `simplefonts` is , which held a third–party module written by Wolfgang Schuster. It has two main few advantages over the standard ConTeXt font handling in ConTeXt: * the user doesn’t need to write [[Fonts_in_LuaTeX#The_standard_way:_Typescripts|typescripts]].
* the user doesn’t need to write [[Fonts_in_LuaTeX#The_standard_way:_Typescripts|typescripts]]; and
* the interface is much easier to use.
* Note that some major Major changes were released in Oct. October, 2013. Documentation on As such, this page typically describes documents the earlier version of simplefonts distributed with TeX Live 2013, unless otherwise noted.
=== Installing <code>simplefonts</code> ===


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