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= How to use one of the provided fonts =
; #1. Give a name to Declare the set of fonts font you want to use and select a first font:* Use the command for your document with {{cmd|definefontfamilysetupbodyfont}}.:* Let's take an example, for a Serif font, for which TeX practice is to refer to them as '''roman''' (=rm):* <texcode>\definefontfamilysetupbodyfont[MyFontIdentifier][rm][nickname of the serif fontthefontnickname]</texcode>
; #2. Declare it as your default font family for your document:* Use the command with {{cmd|setupbodyfont}}:* <texcode>\setupbodyfont[MyFontIdentifier]</texcode> ; #3. Specify the font size
:* <texcode>\setupbodyfont[xxpt]</texcode>
And let's add the two lines, using Tex Gyre Pagella Serif font (ref:texgyrepagella):
<context source=yes>
\definefontfamily [MyFontIdentifier] [rm] setupbodyfont[texgyrepagella]\setupbodyfont[MyFontIdentifier]
{The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog}\\

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