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→‎System modes: Formatting and single- and double-sided layout
| Enabled when running [[MkIV]]
Perhaps the most useful system modes are <code>*mkii</code> and <code>*mkiv</code> which
| Enabled inside the corresponding section head.
Sometimes you want a macro to behave differently if it is part of a section head, a section number, a list, a marking, or a register. For section heads, you can check for modes <code>*chapter</code>, <code>*section</code>, <code>*subsection</code>, etc. Similarly, <code>*list</code> is enabled inside a list, <code>*marking</code> is enabled inside a marking, and <code>*register</code> is enabled inside a register.
| Enabled when grid typesetting is enabled
| Enabled when singlesided layout is enabled
| Enabled when doublesided layout is enabled
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