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Tools, documentation, examples and tips related to ConTeXt.
{{TwoColumnsUnderLevel1|== Get Started ==
* '''[[Installation |Install ConTeXt]]''' and [[First Document|start typesetting]].
* '''[[Documentation|Access the Manuals]]'''.
* Get support from vibrant '''[[Mailing_Lists|Mailing Lists]]'''.
* Enjoy your journey in the garden:
 = News =* Since May 28, 2020, we are running on a new mediawiki core, version 1.34.1.* With [[User:Garulfo]]’s wiki work ongoing, we switched to the ‘vector’ skin as default, and reset everybody's [[Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-rendering|skin preference]]. {{Main Page* The '''[http:/News}}/ 14th ConTeXt Meeting]''' will take place in Sibřina, Czech Republic on September 6–12, 2020* The '''[ 13th ConTeXt Meeting]''' took place in Bassenge-Boirs, Belgium on September 16–21, 2019.}
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