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A value of `instance` is important for interpreting the kind of stanza.
{{note|AFAICT, the values are CDATA on the xml level. In general, they are there to allow for a unique stanza in cases where not all calling conventions can be expressed in a single stanza. The two exceptions are the CDATA values prefixed with `instance` and `example`. The `example` cases are when there is the ''potential'' for a command instance, but there are no predefined instances in the actual distribution. The `instance` indicates cases where there ''are'' predefined instances.
Processing note: I do not trust the `instance` prefix in my processing, I check for the existence of `<cd:constant>` children in the `<cd:instances>` child tag. However, I am not sure if this is needed. I have not run tests on the XML to verify that the prefix `instance` and child `<cd:instances>` always exist together, I just assumed that testing in actual instances was better than relying on a CDATA argument value}}
=== The generated Attribute ===

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