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Although XeTeX would prefer that you key in documents in full Unicode, with things like '''&mdash;''' and '''&ldquo;''' in the place of <tt>---</tt> and <tt>``</tt>, respectively. This is not always so feasible, so it provides a mechanism for inserting these "TeXish" ligatures. In a font specification, you need to insert <tt>mapping=tex-text</tt> as one of the font features. This is already done for all existing typescripts in <tt>type-xtx</tt>, but you should be aware of this concern if designing your own documents.
===Figures===Because of an actual bug, including figures in a document processed by XeTeX requires some cautions. The use of the usual <cmd>externalfigure</cmd> can slow a lot the processing and raise some troubles. A possible strategy (which works only as a workaround as it breaks engine compatibility) is to replace <cmd>externalfigure</cmd> with the low-level XeTeX specific command <cmd>XeTeXpicfile</cmd>. For pdf inclusion one can use <cmd>XeTeXpdffile</cmd>. As an example, consider this code:<texcode>\externalfigure[stuff/picTest] [height=.5\paperheight, width=\paperwidth]\externalfigure[stuff/pdfTest] [height=.5\paperheight, width=\paperwidth]</texcode>it can be replaced by:<texcode>\XeTeXpicfile "stuff/picTest.png" height .5\paperheight width \paperwidth\XeTeXpdffile "stuff/pdfTest.pdf" height .5\paperheight width \paperwidth</texcode>


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