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document win32 issues
== Quickstart ==
Just for the extremely impatient unix user that knows how to deal with a web2c-based TeX distribution and has a simple, private (single-user) installation, this is the only absolutely required extra knowledge:
luatools --generate
Everybody else should read on.
'''A note for windows users:''' the luatex executable doest not accept filenames with spaces in their name. This means that if you are on windows you will at least have to set up a texmfcnf.lua as explained below, and you likely will even have to reinstall texlive, because the default texlive installation directory itself contains spaces.
== Filename and Configuration databases ==
All possible locations are tried in order, and any found texmfcnf.lua files are read in order of discovery. All texmfcnf.lua files are read before all texmf.cnf files, and none of the values defined in texmfcnf.lua file(s) cannot be overruled by texmf.cnf files.
Note: context on texlive can not find texmfcnf.lua unless it is placed in '''<installationdir>texmf/web2c/'''.
The format of texmfcnf.lua is pretty simple: it is a Lua script that has to return a single table with keys for the variables it wants to define. If there are multiple files with duplicate keys, the first appearance of a particular key 'wins' (this is the same behaviour as for [[texmf.cnf]] variables).

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