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Now that we've got an Errata page with two different subpages for different documents, it would be good to standardize the format and such things. I do prefer the one I used for the ConTeXt reference manual Errata page, mainly because it's clean and straightforward in the Wiki code as well as on-screen, thereby making it easier for newcomers to the Wiki to edit (and making it a bit easier to keep track of where in the page order things go).

I'm not yet certain about the utility of grouping the errata into by-date groups yet; I suspect that in the long-term that will be useful as Hans updates them, or as the lists get long, but probably at this point I should just have the date block be "Errata, <Release Date>-Current", rather than specifying a cut-off date. Does that make sense?

Meanwhile, on page names: It occurs to me that naming the pages something like Errata/Beginners Manual or Errata/ConTeXt-EN Manual would probably be good for keeping them all organized in the future. Does that seem like a good idea, or no?

In all of these cases, I'd be glad to do the rearrangement work, once we agree on what should be done.

--Brooks 18:49, 3 Sep 2005 (UTC)