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On removing the align="left" property from the <table> tag: I'm putting in a bit longer of an explanation here, because I've seen this problem happening in a number of places. Setting align="left" means to make the object (table, image, etc.) into a float of sorts, such that text is flowed around the right side of it. This, in combination with a 100%-wide object, creates a bit of a problem -- the text is expected to be flowed into a zero-width column to the right of the object. Most browsers deal with this by putting nothing in the column and moving everything down, thus ignoring the "flow the text around the object" request. Other browsers (notably, Opera) deal with this by putting as little as possible into the column and having overfull hboxes sticking out into the right margin, which produces unreadable text that looks ugly. With the align="left" removed, the table is placed as an object in the text stream, rather than a float, and so it can properly take up a line by itself.

As I mentioned, I've seen this problem happening elsewhere, and leading to some browser incompatibilities that were difficult to track down, so it seemed worth explaining in detail. --Brooks 06:38, 7 Aug 2005 (CEST)

Thanks for the explanantion. I noticed the problem, but I didn't know where it came from. I just copied the table from some other table that looked nice to me. It would be nice to have some stylesheets for such tables (, ), but I don't know how exactly it can be done in Wiki.