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The link to Willi's Natural Tables MyWay hasn't worked in a while. Is it available anywhere else, by any chance?

I've put my copy at [1] --pg

Thanks Patrick!

Are you having font problems when you try to make a My Way on a Mac? Here's a fix.

[by <Paul R Martin>]

I encountered problems of the "font not found" kind when I tried to make a My Way document on Mac OSX 10.3 with the standard TeTex installation. Following suggestion from the ntg-context mailing list members I modified the context module [mag-01] at follows:

1) open a Terminal window 2) locate the file s-mag01.tex. Here's how I did it: the location wasn't exactly where I was told it should be, but the solution worked, so I'm happy.

 [nvri-hayden:~] paulm% locate s-mag-01.tex

3) edit the file by inserting the line:


just before the lines:


4) save the file and recompile the My Way document.

Thanks to Thomas A.Schmitz for the solution and to Otared Kavian and Hans Hagen for additional comments. Below are some the comments from them which may be of use: If I discover what they mean and it seems useful I'll write a My Way to explain it all.


Additional comments:

From: Hans Hagen <> > Thomas A.Schmitz wrote: > 3. Just before them, insert this line: > \usetypescript[adobekb][\defaultencoding] that should go in your local cont-sys.tex file; alternatively say


From: Otared Kavian <> In my experience, I had to say:

\usetypescript [adobekb][\defaultencoding]

in order to have any success in typesetting that file (under Mac OS X 10.3.8 and Gerben Wierda's TeX).

Hiya, Paul.

This, to me, is part of a bigger class of problem: how to configure ConTeXt so that it works "out of the box" with each distro--in this case, gwTeX. I'm in favour of putting together a cont-sys.tex and a texexec.ini file that is fine-tuned for gwTeX so that people can use fonts, metapost, and the like as soon as they download TeX to their Mac. I keep raising this topic, but no one even mumbles a reply. --Adam 10:20, 1 Apr 2005 (CEST)