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TeXShop is a good Editor for all variants of TeX and ConTeXt. It offers:

  • Syntax highlighting.
  • A viewer for your typeset PDFs.
  • has templates and you can create your own
  • command completions
  • multiple file encodings

If you install "ConTeXt Suite" or want to use "TeXLive" in parallel with "ConTeXt Suite"s you have to create new engines for "TeXShop", so that you can run your versions of "ConTeXt" directly from within "TeXShop".

Setting-Up TeXShop for ConTeXt Single User Installation

TeXShop installs support files for every user in the folder TeXShop in the users Library folder of the users HOME folder. They are installed first when the user runs TexShop for the first time.

Making UTF-8 Default File Encoding

ConTeXt uses UTF-8 as its default encoding, so it is best to make this the default encoding for your files. You can also choose which ever encoding you wish. You can, also, set the file encoding when it is saved. TeXShop will automatically recognize the file encoding of existing files and use that when saving the file.

  • Start TeXShop. If TeXShop was installed with MacTeX you can find it in the folder TeX in your Application folder.
  • Make TeXshop use utf-8 as its standard encoding for files
Choose the TeXShop->Preferences Menu 
In the dialog window that comes up look for Encodings Field and choose UTF-8 
Close the Dialog window

Creating an Engine for TeXShop

Actually, engine is somewhat misleading. In TeXShop an engine is a script that contains commands that are use to typeset your documents. TeXShop comes with many engines set up to run TeX, LaTeX, Xe(La)TeX and ConTeXt MKII and MKIV that have been installed via MacTeX.

If you want to use ConTeXt Suite you will have to create an TeXShop-engine.

If you have not run TeXShop start it so that the support files for TeXShop are installed for you.

Since in the newer versions of MacOS the users Library-folder is hidden and not accessible from within TeXShop we will use the terminal for simplicity reasons. If you wish you can access the your Library-folder from the Finder and navigate to the Engines-folder inside of the TeXShop-folder inside your Library-folder and choose a ConTeXt-engine.

  • Start the Terminal you will find it in the Utility-folder in the Applications-folder
  • Find your username is, if you do not know it already.

    The command whoami will output your user name.

  • Open the standard MKIV engine for TeXShop enter
open -a TeXShop $HOME/Library/TeXShop/Engines/ConTeXt\ \(LuaTeX\).engine

This will open the file in TeXShop and switch to TeXShop

  • Save the engine with a new Name "ConTeXt Suite":
 option click on the File menu 
 choose "Save As …"
 change (LuaTeX) in the Name field to Suite
 hit return
  • Change the set path line to:
set path= (/Users/username/context/tex/texmf-osx-64/bin  $path /usr/local/bin)
If you installed in a different location then change /Users/username/context/ to the location where you
installed ConTeXt standalone. Do not forget to change username in the line above to your actual username!! 
  • Save the file again
use either the file menu or cmd-s
  • close the window
use either the file menu or cmd-w

You can know use your new engine by choosing it from the Pop-up Menu of your document window.

If you want other options or use MKII then create a new engine and change the line containing mtxrun accordingly.

In the manual for TeXShop you can find instructions for making your engine the the default engine or how to have TeXShop use your engine no matter which engine is set on a file by file basis.

Setting-Up TeXShop for ConTeXt Suite System-Wide Installation

Making a decent tutorial for setting-up TeXShop for a ConTeXt Suite system-wide installation is kind of difficult, because TeXShop installs support files for each user which become unique to each user after it has been started for the first time by the user. The problem is how get the needed engine/s for the ConTeXt Suite into the user support files.

You can put the engine in into the application bundle of TeXShop, so that it will be installed for every user the first time they run TeXShop or a new version of TeXShop is run. Of course you have to the engine into the application bundle of each update to TeXShop!

  • Start TeXShop
  • create a new document

use the File-Menu or use cmd-N

  • save the engine
 use the File-Menu or use cmd-S
 In the dialog window change the name of the file to ConTeXt Suite.engine or whatever!
 In the lower part of the dialog change the file format to Plain Text
  • enter the following content into the document:
 set path= (/Users/quayjay/context/tex/texmf-osx-64/bin  $path /usr/local/bin)
 mtxrun --script context --autogenerate --synctex=1 "$1"
  • Save the engine

use the File-Menu or use cmd-S

  • Quit TeXShop
  • Open 2 windows in the finder
  • In one window and navigate to where you saved the engine
  • In the other window navigate to the Applications-folder and to where TeXShop was installed.
If you installed via MacTeX you will find it in Applications->TeX->TexShop

  • Open the folder containing the default engines for TeXShop

press: shift-cmd-G in the dialog enter: TeXShop.app/Contents/Resources/TeXShop/Engines

  • copy the engine from the other window using 'option'-drag
 You will be ask for an administrator password: enter it!
  • close the windows

'IMPORTANT:' The newly created engine will not be installed if a user has already run TeXShop! If a user has already run TeXShop then the newly created engine must copied to their Engine-folder inside of their TeXShop-folder inside their Library-folder!!

Do not forget that you have to also copy your own copy of the newly created engine to your own Engine-folder!!