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Todo for xml interface 'ConTeXtXML' extension:

  • (maybe) export to 100% correct xml, expanding wikicodes also, and fixing CDATA
  • ongoing from then on: existing page merging (jikes!)
  • combine the current 'context' extension with the new 'ConTeXtXML' extension
  • add a ‘first documented on’ attribute to cd:command

Problems that remain unfixed for now:

  • the "redirected from ..." message is not displayed. I seem unable to make it reappear in 1.34 because of the CmdPage inheriting from WikiPage but the redirect creating a hardcoded WikiPage object. I will retry when MW 1.35 is officially released.

Todo for sourcebrowser:

  • Search option to search only file names
  • Fix scroll for navigation pane
  • Add a 'search context' (stay in current file while doing a followup)
  • Add a link back to top of page that always stays in view
  • (maybe) rewrite/extend scite lexers and/or put the indices in the ConTeXt distribution ?

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