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Beginning with LuaMetaTeX (LMTX) versions after January 2021, there is a new mechanism for typing some composed characters, that is characters with some sort of diacritic signs, such as \'e in order to obtain « é », or \c c to obtain « ç ». Actually most of these characters have a UNICODE definition and can be typed directly from some keyboard configurations. But in order to have backward compatibility, and at the same time allow the user to type them through a command, the following commands are made available.

First of all the command \chr creates the specified composed character: for instance \chr{a acute} results in « á ». The same can be obtained with {\withacute a}

Here are a few of them, the complete list can be seen by typesetting the file s-characters-combinations.mkxl, or by copying the code below and typesetting it with LMTX.






    \chr {a acute           }  á  \withacute           a
    \chr {o double acute    }  ő  \withdoubleacute     o
    \chr {a grave           }  à  \withgrave           a
    \chr {o double grave    }  ȍ  \withdoublegrave     o
    \chr {a circumflex      }  â  \withcircumflex      a
    \chr {e circumflex below}\withcircumflexbelow e
    \chr {a diaeresis       }  ä  \withdiaeresis       a
    \chr {a tilde           }  ã  \withtilde           a
    \chr {i tilde below     }\withtildebelow      i
    \chr {a macron          }  ā  \withmacron          a
    \chr {k line below      }\withlinebelow       k
    \chr {c cedilla         }  ç  \withcedilla         c
    \chr {s comma below     }  ş  \withcommabelow      s
    \chr {z hook below      }  ȥ  \withhookbelow       z
    \chr {a hook            }\withhook            a
    \chr {a ring            }  å  \withring            a
    \chr {a ring below      }\withringbelow       a
    \chr {m dot             }\withdot             m
    \chr {l middle dot      }  ŀ  \withmiddledot       l
    \chr {m dot below       }\withdotbelow        m
    \chr {a breve           }  ă  \withbreve           a
    \chr {a inverted breve  }  ȃ  \withinvertedbreve   a
    \chr {k caron           }  ǩ  \withcaron           k
    \chr {o stroke          }  ø  \withstroke          o
    \chr{a double grave} \withdoublegrave{i} 


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