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< From LaTeX to ConTeXt


\texttt{Normal and \textbf{bold Typewriter.}}

ConTeXt: Put this in /usr/share/texmf/tex/context/third/type-loc.tex to define the bold typewriter fonts:

\newif\ifVeryBoldTT % turn this on, if it's not bold enough:
\starttypescript [mono] [computer-modern] [size]
  \definebodyfont [12pt] [tt] [bf=cmbtt10 at 12pt]
  \definebodyfont [11pt] [tt] [bf=cmbtt10 at 11pt]
  \definebodyfont [10pt] [tt] [bf=cmbtt10]
  \definebodyfont [9pt] [tt] [bf=cmbtt9]
  \definebodyfont [8pt] [tt] [bf=cmbtt8]
  \definebodyfont [12pt] [tt] [bf=cmttb10 at 12pt]
  \definebodyfont [11pt] [tt] [bf=cmttb10 at 11pt]
  \definebodyfont [10pt] [tt] [bf=cmttb10]
  \definebodyfont [9pt] [tt] [bf=cmttb10 at 9pt]
  \definebodyfont [8pt] [tt] [bf=cmttb10 at 8pt]

cmbtt[8,9,10] is the more recent family of fonts and bolder than the older cmttb10 font.

Then, the fonts can be accessed as in this example:

{\tt Normal and \bf bold Typewriter.}