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   <tr valign="top" class="first">
   <tr valign="top" class="first">
     <td class="cmd">{...}</td>
     <td class="cmd">{...}</td>
     <td><i>text</i> </td>
     <td>''number'' </td>

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{...} number


Convert a number 1-26 to a lowercase letter.


\character{3} -- \character{30}    % convert a number 1-26 to a lowercase letter

\Character{3} -- \Character{30}    % convert a number 1-26 to an uppercase letter

\characters{3} -- \characters{30}  % convert any number to lowercase letters (x, y, z, aa, ab, ac, ...)

\Characters{3} -- \Characters{30}  % convert any number to uppercase letters (X, Y, Z, AA, AB, AC, ...)

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