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The command \defineplacement defines placement instances.


...=...,...inherits from \setupplacement


The command \defineplacement defines placement instances as well as their environment form startplacement.

Bug report: the definition for startplacement gets lost somewhere during generation of the command list. It is present in context-en.xml (See: Bug List)

Bug report: the source file is pack-mis.mkvi, not pack-mis.mkiv (See: Bug List)


Example 1


\input zapf

\kern 3pt % force nongrid
this is off

\placeupped{but this is not}

Text continues here


  • By Taco on 2020-09-11T22:26:11+0200:
The grid option was broken in the ConTeXt 2020.06.30 LMTX on the wiki, resulting in a non-corrected placement. This was fixed soon after.

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