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<cd:source file="buff-ver.mkiv" originator="system"></cd:source>
<cd:source file="buff-ver.mkiv" originator="system"></cd:source>
<cd:wikipage originator="system" page="Category:Verbatim"></cd:wikipage>
<cd:wikipage originator="system" page="Category:Verbatim"></cd:wikipage>
<cd:commandref name="type"></cd:commandref>
<cd:commandref name="type">typeset text in verbatim, in general, tt font</cd:commandref>
<cd:commandref name="tex"></cd:commandref>
<cd:commandref name="tex">typeset TeX command, preceding \, tt font</cd:commandref>
<cd:commandref name="verbatim"></cd:commandref></cd:seealso>
<cd:commandref name="arg">typeset argument to TeX command, surrounded by {}, tt font</cd:commandref>
<cd:commandref name="verbatim">typeset text in verbatim, default font</cd:commandref></cd:seealso>

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The command \filename is used to typeset a file name or path.





Example 1

There’s a difference between \type{verbatim code} or file paths like \filename{texmf-context/tex/context/base/mkiv/buff-ver.mkiv}. The latter uses linebreaking, but also letterspacing in case of underfull hboxes.


See also

  • buff-ver.mkiv
  • \type typeset text in verbatim, in general, tt font
  • \tex typeset TeX command, preceding \, tt font
  • \arg typeset argument to TeX command, surrounded by {}, tt font
  • \verbatim typeset text in verbatim, default font

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