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way bytext byblock bychapter ... — reset the counter to one at the start of the text / every block/chapter/section/...
prefix no yes — add the current [prefixset] number as a prefix
prefixset part chapter section ... — write the part/chapter/... number as a prefix to the page number
prefixconnector \endashmark to separate the prefix from the page number
start start/resume page numbering on this page, at the last counter value
stop stop placing page numbers, and stop incrementing the counter.
number 1 2 3 ... — Set the page number. Mkii only.


Setup the way the pages are numbered.

In mkii, this command can be used to manually set the page number: \setuppagenumber[number=4].

To manually set the pagenumber in mkiv: \setcounter[userpage][4].


% mode=mkiv


\section{One by one (fragment)}

one by one
our friends
filled with joy and quest
begin to arrive

one by one our friends
the worshipers of ecstasy
begin to arrive

more friends and sweethearts
filling you with love
are on their way

\rightaligned{---Rumi, {\it trans.} Nader Khalili}

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