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Which image file formats ConTeXt can process, depends on the TeX program:

Processor EPSF PDF MetaPost TIFF PNG JPEG/JFIF Media Other
LuaTeX (Mk IV) + + + + (incl. 2000) QT, Flash SVG
pdfTeX (Mk II) + + + + QT
XeTeX (Mk II) + + + + QT BMP
dvips + +  ?
dvipsone + + +  ?
  • Generally leave out the file extension in your TeX code!
  • TIFF: pdf(e)TeX canceled processing TIFF format from v. 1.0, since there are too much variants to support them all.
  • QT (QuickTime, MOV) works probably only with Adobe Reader, usable formats/codecs depend on the operating system. QT was formerly listed here also for dvips(one), that couldn't be true...
  • Flash (SWG) works only with Adobe Reader since version 9, even raw ActionScript code is possible (presentation by Luigi Scarso in Brejlov 2010); see also (links at) Animation.
  • SVG support in LuaTeX is via preprocessing and limited. See SVG for a workaround to use SVG with Mk II.
  • XeTeX means "via xdvipdfmx"; the older xdv2pdf supported additionally MAC, PICT, PSD, SGI, TIFF and GIF, but that doesn't work with ConTeXt (if at all).
  • dvips and dvipsone aren't used any more with ConTeXt.