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What is Imposition?

To impose means to order pages on a bigger sheet in a way, that you get a booklet (or something similar) with correct page order after folding. In the simplest case you impose four A5 pages on both sides of an A4 sheet.

In a print shop it could be that you've to place 64 inner pages of a book on one printing sheet. For private use you could want to zigzag-fold an A4 sheet as a brochure that fits nicely in a business envelope. You could make two pages with three columns each, or you could make six pages and impose them.

Another "style" of imposition is to place several identical templates on one sheet, e.g. labels.

What can ConTeXt do for me?

ConTeXt has some built-in imposition schemas (see "arranging pages" in the manual):

  • 2UP
  • 2DOWN
  • 2SIDE: two pages side by side in pagination order (no real imposition, only paper saving)
  • 2*2
  • 2**2
  • 2*4
  • 2*8
  • 2*16

(Please someone add descriptions)


Hraban needed a "3SIDE" schema to fit three "filius" planner pages on one A4 sheet. Willi wrote it:

% New page imposition scheme 3SIDE by Willi Egger 2003-07-21

\installpagearrangement 3SIDE

\def\pusharrangedpageTHREESIDE#1% Willi's approach
   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}000\arrangedpageA %  1
   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}010\arrangedpageA %  2
   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}020\arrangedpageA %  3
   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}000\arrangedpageB %  4
   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}010\arrangedpageB %  5
   \or \handlearrangedpageXandY{#1}020\arrangedpageB %  6


You can use this code simply in your environment file. The other schemas are in page-imp.tex.

Use it like this:

\definepapersize	[filius][width=92mm, height=172mm]
\setuppapersize		[filius][A4,landscape]
\setuparranging		[3SIDE]
\setuplayout		[location=middle,
			grid=no, marking=on,
			leftmargin=10mm, leftmargindistance=0mm,
			topspace=2mm, header=4mm, footer=0mm,
			width=77mm, height=166mm]