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ConTeXt, an excursion

There are several translations underway (Chinese, French, Vietnamese) for ConTeXt, an excursion, as well as several completed translations (Czech, Dutch, English). To start a new translation, follow these instructions. First, the preliminaries:

  • follow the instructions above to make a non-anonymous checkout of the source.
  • Choose an abbreviation LANG for your language (e.g. it for Italian).

Next, make your own language's files based on the English files.

  • Create a subdirectory LANG.
  • Copy all English files here: cp en/* LANG/.
  • In the file names, change any en segments to LANG.

Prepare the Makefile, so that anyone can compile your translation in a single step.

  • Open the Makefile. Add your own language alongside the existing languages — a simple copy-and-modify strategy should get you there.
  • Run make LANG

Then it is time to start working on the translation.

  • Comment each paragraph, and add your translation below it.

When you are done, post a message to the mailing list announcing your finished translation. It will be made available in the official download locations.