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MetaFun is ConTeXt extension the MetaPost language. It provides a tight integration of both TeX and MetaPost. MetaPost can used behind the scenes for some graphic trickery. This integration is also helpful for drawing figures in MetaPost and use them in the document.

THE MetaFun manual, also available in a screen version.

Don't miss the illustrations at 100% MetaFun page art-aleatoire.

This page is a brief overview of some of the commonly used commands.

System Overview

MetaPost in Context.png

Commonly used commands

\defineMPinstance, \setupMPinstance
used to set up MetaPost invocations with particular features. One use case could be to select a sans serif font for all MetaPost labels.
\startMPenvironment is DEPRECATED in which one could place settings that one only wanted to apply in the MetaPost environment, but not in the document itself. One should use \defineMPinstance and \setupMPinstance, instead.
Inside, one can specify MetaPost files to input, and also define MetaPost functions.
\startuseMPgraphic, \useMPgraphic
defines a piece of graphics code that is processed anew every time the graphic is placed with \useMPgraphic.
\startreusableMPgraphic, \reuseMPgraphic
For graphics that are the same every time, it is better to use \startreusableMPgraphic: the graphic is compiled only once, and the one resulting picture can be placed at various points with \reuseMPgraphic.
When reusing a graphic is not important, you can simply use \startMPcode.
produces a page a containing MetaPost graphic. The page is just large enough to contain the graphic. The resulting pdf is self-contained (it has all the fonts embedded). This is useful if you want to send the figure to a coauthor or a journal.
\startstaticMPfigure, \usestaticMPfigure
The \startuseMPgraphic series of commands were designed for using MetaPost for drawing fancy frames and backgrounds and not for using stand-alone graphics for a document. \startstaticMPfigure creates a separate pdf file containing the graphic. This pdf can be included in the document using \usestaticMPfigure. ConTeXt is clever enough to recompile the resulting MetaPost file only if something inside the \startstaticMPfigure has changed.

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