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< Tables Overview

tables mode is like Table mode (and like Tabulate), but you can typeset multi-page tables with repeated headers and footers.

\placetable[here][tab:sample]{sample table}{\start
\NC command	\NC meaning	\NC\SR
\NC \tex{NC}	\NC next column	\NC\FR
\NC \tex{HL}	\NC horizontal line	\NC\MR
\NC \tex{VL}	\NC vertical line	\NC\MR
\NC \tex{NR}	\NC next row	\NC\LR
\NC \tex{SR}	\NC single row	\NC\FR
\NC \tex{FR}	\NC first row	\NC\MR
\NC \tex{MR}	\NC middle row	\NC\MR
\NC \tex{LR}	\NC last row	\NC\LR