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ConTeXt has a whole bunch of possibilities to typeset tables. Not each provides everything you may need, and the older ones are deprecated.

If you have simple tables with lots of contents, and you're tired of typing \bTR\bTDs or \NC\NRs, you can also have a look at


FeatureTabulateTable TablesTABLELinetable
horizonal lines \HL \HL \HL
vertical lines no \VL \VL
multipage yes no yes yes, with split=yes or split=repeat yes, even horizontally
repeated header
no \starttablehead
repeated footer
no \starttabletail no yes
automatic fitting to given table width no \SetTableToWidth \SetTableToWidth
problems very limited limited
  \VL SomeText
  \VL SomeText
  \VL \AR}
Problem: top margin on
first page is bigger.
there may be problems in width and height calculation and perhaps the multipage features still experimental, nearly no documentation
documentation (except wiki) cont-eni.pdf, core-tbl.tex, MAPS article ms-cb-en.pdf, core-tab.tex core-tab.tex enattab.pdf, NaturalTables.pdf, core-ntb.tex core-ltb.tex