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Welcome to the Village Pump of the ConTeXt wiki! If you want to help out, hang out, or learn about wiki, this is the place to start.

Things to do

The Context_Wiki:Things to do page contains an overview of

  • wikiprojects that need contributions,
  • features that need turning on,
  • templates that need creating,
  • and other accepted proposals that need implementing.

Discussions and proposals

The Context_Wiki:Discussions page is about

  • problems that need solving,
  • policies that need deciding,
  • proposals that need discussing,

and all that sort of thing.

General conversation

Context_Wiki:Talk_and_questions is a rather informal page. Good for things like

  • Hello, who else is on here?
  • I want to help, what shall I do?
  • Look at this nifty thing I did!
  • Can someone explain X?