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Syntax (autogenerated)

instance of _label/instance, generated by \definelabelclass


[...] nl fr en uk de es cz ..
name text


In some cases ConTeXt generates text labels automatically; for example, the word Figure is generated automatically when a caption is placed under a figure. These kind of words are called label texts. Labels are set with the command \setuplabeltext, and retrieved with the command \labeltext. They follow the language set with \mainlanguage, not the local bits of different language that are set with \language.

NB The option parser for the command \setuplabeltext is known to behave somewhat differently from most setups, posing minor constraints on code formatting. For instance the trailing comma after an assignment, otherwise employed to delimit the value, will lead to an error here. The final option in the list needs thus to be terminated by the closing bracket.

\setuplabeltext [
  Omen=est,  %% <= fails!
\setuplabeltext [Nomen=nomen, Est=est, Omen=est] %% <= works


Here is an example of changing section and subsection heads.

% English labels
\setuplabeltext[en][section=My section ] % We want a space at the end of the label
\setuplabeltext[en][subsection=My subsection ]

% Dutch labels
\setuplabeltext[nl][section=Mijn hoofdstuk ] % We want a space at the end of the label
\setuplabeltext[nl][subsection=Mijn onderdeel ]

\def\setheadnumber#1#2{#1. #2}



\section{First Thoughts}
\subsection{First Subsection}

% Changing the language does not change the labels
\section{Second Thoughts}
\subsection{Second Subsection}

% To change the labels, change the main language.
\section{Third Thoughts}
\subsection{Third Subsection}

% Retrieving a label explicity:
This is the Dutch label for sections: \labeltext{section}.


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