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Syntax (autogenerated)

\startquotation[...][...,...] ... \stopquotation
[...,...]inherits from \startnarrower
instance of startdelimitedtext, generated by \definedelimitedtext


\startquotation[...,...,...] ... \stopquotation
[...,...,...] left middle right


Unlike \quotation, \quote, and \startquote, \startquotation sets its contents off in their own, slightly narrower paragraph. It differs from \startnarrower in that it also places quotation marks at the beginning and end of its contents.

The argument left, right, or middle respectively specify that the paragraphs should be narrower on the left, the right, or on both sides.



This is how \quotation{Watership Down}, by Richard Adams, starts:

    The primroses were over. Towards the edge of the wood, where 
    the ground became open and sloped down to an old fence and a 
    brambly ditch beyond, only a few fading patches of pale 
    yellow still showed among the dog's mercury and oak-tree 
    roots. On the other side of the fence, the upper part of the 
    field was full of rabbit-holes.

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