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NOTE: Releases of Debian (or any other distribution for that matter) usually contain way too old TeX distributions for ConTeXt MKIV (but should work fine for MKII). If you want to live on bleeding edge, consider using the packages from Debian/unstable, ConTeXt Standalone, or at least install the latest version of TeX Live with TLContrib manually.

Install the ConTeXt packages

The status of ConTeXt in Debian/unstable is currently up to date with TeX Live 2021, and includes all the necessary bits and pieces, plus the modules shipped in TeX Live.

If you are running Debian sid or later, then the context and context-modules packages should already be visible. Then do

aptitude update
aptitude install context context-modules
  • The final version in debian bullseye (aka debian stable 11.2) is 2020.03.10.20200331-1
  • In unstable is a version that is from the TeX Live 2021

Install latest unstable context .deb package

unstable means (mature) development, the version number may changes. The software is stable

1. Download the two .deb-s

2. run as root (the version number might have increased a bit)

dpkg --install context_2021.03.05.20220211-1_all.deb
mtxrun --generate

3. run as user

mtxrun --generate

Step 2. is currently still necessary, but soon an update of tex-common will run mtxrun --generate automatically when packages have changed (like mktexlsr), and there will be no need to run this anymore.

Step 3. needs to be done only when you have files in TEXMFHOME or you change things there.

You have now a system wide context-installation!

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