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The ConTeXt in TeX Live 2010 is 2010.05.24 with a few small changes. ConTeXt MkII works out the box, MkIV requires that the luatex file cache be regenerated after installation before it can be used (see below).

The scheme-context installs collection-context and collection-metapost. This brings in quite a few font families, but we did not want to automatically install all font packages, so you may need to install a few by hand with tlmgr.

Running MkII

The English interface for both pdftex and xetex is automatically managed by fmtutil. Just run

 $ texexec <myfile>

to compile documents using pdfTeX, or

 $ texexec --engine=xetex <myfile>

for XeTeX.

Enabling other MkII interfaces

You will need write permissions to TEXMFSYSVAR to enable the other context language interfaces. So if you cannot do the following steps below, point your local administrator to this page and kindly ask him/her to run the commands below for you.

Adding extra context interfaces follows the same rules as for any other local format. The process is a little complicated because the normal fmtutil.cnf may be overwritten by package updates, and therefore a local file has to be created.

1. Look for the commented cont-XX lines in fmtutil.cnf. Use

 $ kpsewhich fmtutil.cnf

to find its exact location. You only need the commented lines, there is no need to copy anything else.

2. Create or edit the file $TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/fmtutil-local.cnf. $TEXMFLOCAL is something like /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local, you can use

 $ kpsewhich --expand-var '$TEXMFLOCAL'

to find the exact location.

3. Put the commented cont-'XX' lines you found in step 1 into the fmtutil-local.cnf file. If you want xetex formats as well, make a copy of each line replacing pdftex with xetex. Then uncomment these lines, save the file, and exit the editor.

After this, the $TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/fmtutil-local.cnf (or the new section of it, if it preexisted) should look like this:

 cont-de pdftex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-de.ini
 cont-de xetex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-de.ini
 cont-fr pdftex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-fr.ini
 cont-fr xetex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-fr.ini
 cont-it pdftex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-it.ini
 cont-it xetex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-it.ini
 cont-nl pdftex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-nl.ini
 cont-nl xetex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-nl.ini
 cont-ro pdftex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-ro.ini
 cont-ro xetex cont-usr.tex -8bit *cont-ro.ini

4. If you created a new file, now run

  # mktexlsr

to make sure the file will be found by the TeX Live system.

5. Now run

  # tlmgr generate fmtutil

This merges the info from the TeX Live distribution with the fmtutil-local.cnf.

6. Now to generate the newly enabled ConTeXt MkII formats, run

  # fmtutil-sys --all

from now on, the extra formats will be auto-renewed whenever context updates are installed via tlmgr.

Running MkIV

Directly after installation, but also after context-related updates to TeX Live, you will need to run

$ luatools --generate

to refresh the MkIV file cache.

The command

 $ context <myfile>

will automatically generate and update the formats and the fonts cache when needed.

MkIV cache location

Context MkIV in Standard TeX Live will create the data cache in ~/.texlive2010/texmf-var; Context MkIV in MacTex will use ~/Library/texlive/2010/texmf-var. If you are unhappy with that, you can set the environment variable TEXMFCACHE to your preferred location.

ConTeXt 2010.05.24 changes

  • Because the copyright of the koeielogos and koeieletters fonts does not allow modifications, the relevant files are not included (this was also the case in previous years). However, see [| TLContrib] below.
  • The files from cont-mpd.zip are in the package mptopdf. The context package depends on mptopdf, so installation is automatic.
  • Mojca and Taco applied a few hot-fixes for some quite serious bugs:
    • luatools --engine=... was broken in Context 2010.05.24.
    • Due to a different texmf.cnf setup, luatools and mtxrun failed to find .lua files in the normal texmf tree.
    • mptopdf has been patched so that it does not run texexec --mptex any more: plain metapost is now the default.
    • mtxrun.dll (windows) will find texlua.exe in the directory where mtxrun.dll resides if finding it in the search path fails.
    • Context MkIV did not deal with fonts with upper case filename extensions properly.
    • The typescripts xits and stix have been added to type-otf.mkiv
    • Fix Iwona typescripts (Kurier SmallCaps definitions are missing) due to filename changes in new release of these fonts (type-one.mkii).
    • Fix Antykwa Półtawskiego typescripts to account for the changes in the first official release in September 2010
    • Context MkIV did not handle directory names containing dots properly.
    • A patch to fix 'Wrong Pi and Gamma with XITS' and \mathgreekitalic, cf. [1]

Updating ConTeXt

TLContrib is a website + repository that hosts contributed packages for TeX Live 2010.

The packages on TLContrib are not distributed or updated inside TeX Live proper for one or another of following reasons:

  • not free software according to the strict Debian guidelines
  • not available on CTAN
  • it is a binary (executable) update
  • it is an intermediate release for testing

In short, anything TeX-related that can not be on TeX Live but can still legally be distributed over the Internet can have its place on TLContrib.

The ultimate goal is to provide a companion to the core TeX Live tlnet distribution in much the same way as Debian's non-free tree is a companion to their normal, 100% free software distribution. The goal is not to replace TeX Live: package and updates that can be part of TeX Live itself should stay (or be added) there. TLContrib is simply trying to fill in a gap in the current distribution system.

Quick start: to use TLContrib as a TeX Live repository, point the TeX Live package manager to http://tlcontrib.metatex.org/2010/

   tlmgr --repository http://tlcontrib.metatex.org/2010/ 

For more detailed information, visit the website TLContrib