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* {{cmd|writetoregister}} (sometimes needed to avoid macro expansion issues)
* A register per chapter: {{cmd|placeregister}}<tt>[index][criterium=chapter]</tt>
* Uppercase-letter index heads: {{cmd|setupregister}}<tt>[index][n=2,command=\Word,style=normal]</tt>
* Place a word in text ''and'' index: <tt>\def\Tindex#1{\index{#1}#1}</tt> -- Please someone enhance this to get space correction, [] sorting etc.!
* Get uppercase-letter heads: {{cmd|setupregisterwritetoregister}}<tt>[index][n=2(sometimes needed to avoid macro expansion issues,command=\Word,style=normal]</tt>'''MkII only''') 
== Collapse Page Numbers ==
The vertical spaces between the entry groups for subsequent letters is governed by the parameter <tt>before</tt> in the same command (default: <tt>\blank</tt>, change to <tt>before={}</tt> to get no additional space).


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