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The vertical spaces between the entry groups for subsequent letters is governed by the parameter <tt>before</tt> in the same command (default: <tt>\blank</tt>, change to <tt>before={}</tt> to get no additional space).
The sorting of the index is influenced by the current [[Language Codes|language]]. You can override that with the {{key|language}} key of {{cmd|setupregister}}.
There are a few additional "languages" for sorting, as defined in {{src|sort-lan.mkiv}}:
* <tt>DIN 5007-1</tt> (German) normal sorting, ß = ss
* <tt>DIN 5007-2</tt> (German) phonebook sorting, ä = ae, ö = oe, ü = ue, ß = ss
* <tt>Duden</tt> (German) ß = s
* <tt>de-AT</tt> (Austrian German) phonebook sorting; umlauts after base vocal (a, ä, o, ö, u, ü)
* <tt>cu</tt> (Church Slavonic)
* <tt>ocs-scn</tt> (Scientific Old Slavonic transcription)
* <tt>ru-iso9</tt> (Russian transcription)
Additionally, there’s the {{key|method}} key that influences the order of upper-/lowercase and diacritics:
The details lay in a rather obscure set of methods (see {{src|sort-ini.lua|source}}), for which the following presets are defined:
* {{key|default}} = {{key|"zc,pc,zm,pm,uc"}} (uppercase like lowercase, diacritics separate)
* {{key|before}} = {{key|"mm,mc,uc"}} (upper before lower, diacritics ignored)
* {{key|after}} = {{key|"pm,mc,uc}} (lower before upper, diacritics ignored)
* {{key|first}} = {{key|"pc,mm,uc"}} (lower before upper, diacritics separate)
* {{key|last}} = {{key|"mc,mm,uc"}} (upper before lower, diacritics separate)
* If you don’t set the sorting method, the preset "first" ist used (and not "default").
* There’s no preset for the combination "uppercase like lowercase, diacritics ignored", try {{key|"zm,pm,zc,zm,uc"}}.
* The sorting is also influenced by the current language or the language setting in {{cmd|setupregister}}.
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