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Syntax (autogenerated)


{...} se-ve-ral words cut in-to syl-la-bles with hy-phens


Indicate how to hyphenate a word. Useful when there are some foreign or unusual words that are used a few times in your text.



\hyphenation{ac-cord-ance Rein-heits-gebot}

A lot of German beer is brewed in accordance with the 
{\it Reinheitsgebot} laid down in Munich in 1516.


If you are also using \startexceptions...\stopexceptions in your document, that must precede \hyphenation.

If you have a word that refuses to hyphenate (e.g. 're-implementation') and \hyphenation{re-im-ple-men-ta-tion} has no effect then try setting \setbreakpoints[compound].

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