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If you want to get more from your code than just a PDF (or DVI) output, e.g. HTML, or if you need a good typesetting machine for your XML code, you're right with ConTeXt.

Handling XML in ConTeXt has improved dramatically with the advent of MkIV. A new infrastructure, based on Lua, makes typesetting, manipulating, filtering, reusing XML much much easier than before. Unfortunately, this means that most of the existing documentation is now obsolete. As a rule of thumb: in general, the "old" MkII code uses upper-case XML in its commands, the new MkIV code uses lower-case xml.

Here are some links to existing docs:

Documents about XML in MkIV

General Information

Processing XML with lua


Documents about XML in MkII (obsolete)

XML/ConTeXt in general

Additions and Details of XML/ConTeXt

eXaMpLe framework

(batch processing)