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How to complete the configuration of Scite and ConTeXt In Windows7 so that I can Compile my context file(demoContext.tex)?:

I put in the right places the '.properties' files provided my context installation:,,

Syntax highlitenning is working very well. But the commands " build" and "Process Tex file" generate the follwing message in the output panel of Scite:

>mtxrun.cmd --autogenerate --script context --autopdf --pdf demoContext.tex
MTXrun | fileio: no cnf files found (TEXMFCNF may not be set/known)
MTXrun | unknown script 'context.lua' or 'mtx-context.lua'
>Exit code: 0

But the file is never processed (or the compiler is never called). I try to checkout for the files context.lua and mtx-context.lua and they are of course in my context intallation. I could also read all these configuration file and other file related to them lokking for some help, but ufortunately I'm unable to solve the problème since I'm just begenning with ConTeXt and Scite (I have an appreciable experience with Latex)!!

On the other hand, I can successfully compile  my file directly on the (Windows-PowerShell)
command line: " texexec demoContex " to obtain a nice pdf file!

Bertrand 2009-08-07 (01:00min UCT/GMT Am)Bertd!! }}


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